Willard & 5FM Reach For A Dream launch


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It’s Matthew Gold, cult leader, May five, drive on 5fm, it’s quarter-past four in the afternoon and it’s time on the 1st of April to launch a brand new initiative, a brand new campaign on five drive that’s very close to mine in the team’s heart. And I’m excited to talk to you about this this afternoon. So, mentioned, we haven’t said anything about this yet. But if you’ve been listening to me over the years, you’ll know that I’m a massive supporter of everything. Reach For A Dream.

Now reach for a dream are an organization that you’re probably aware of. But they seek to fulfil the dreams of children with life threatening illnesses. And you can imagine how tough and complex this has become since the pandemic hit because hospitals are not just easy to access anymore. The kids that are often at risk, you know, because of the complications they have with their health, can’t just be given the same kind of experiences that they were being given before the pandemic hit. So we’ve had to adjust and we’ve had to adapt in real time. And I think they’ve done exceptional work.

What we’re going to be doing on 5 Drive over the next couple of weeks, is teaming up with Willard Batteries to help make the dreams of children with life threatening illnesses come true on 5 Drive. And we want to invite you in to be a part of that journey.

We want to platform this. We want to shine this all across South Africa and we want you to join us along for the ride. So I wanted to know more about Willard batteries getting involved in the campaign and why they were stoked on the initiative and to just sort of make sure that their agenda aligns with ours because we take Reach For Dream incredibly seriously. So we’re going to pop them on the radio next and hear from them directly. But this hopefully heart-warming bit of radio is going to be playing itself out over the next couple of weeks right here on five. Drive on 5 FM