picture of man carrying a black car battery

6 Facts About Your Car’s Battery

The heartbeat of a modern automotive engine bay, we take a closer look at what makes your car’s battery such a crucial component

Since the broad adoption in the 1920s of an electric starter function in automobiles, the role of an accompanying source of energy within the packaging of a car’s engine bay has proved significant. Seamless in its workings, the evolution of this crucial component may not generate the same headlines as, say, headlights, yet there’s still plenty of innovation worthy of acknowledgement in the way the modern car battery functions.

1. Battery technology is at the forefront of renewable energy solutions

One of the most successful stories in terms of global circular economies, the modern lead acid battery features up to 98% recyclable materials. In a South African context, recycling keeps costs down, virtually eliminates the dependence on imported material and creates employment for thousands of people, from scrap and waste collectors to recycling smelters and distribution networks.


2. The performance of your car’s battery is weather dependent
While generally situated snug within the engine bay, your battery’s reliance on a series of internal chemical reactions to perform optimally means it can be hamstrung by severe changes in ambient temperature. Indeed, both outlooks, too cold or too warm, can play a role in placing strain on the performance of your car’s battery. Find our guide to helping your car’s battery through winter


3. Your car’s battery enjoys the work

Driving your car on a regular basis will ensure that the battery remains fully charged. This is the optimum condition for a lead acid battery to reach its full lifespan potential. Should you drive less often, a smart charger is a good investment to ensure a good state of charge of your battery.


4. It’s not always your battery’s fault

While semi-regular checks at your nearest accredited battery fitment centre of your battery’s operating status are advisable, there may well come a time when a turn of the ignition key isn’t met with a corresponding satisfactory roar to life of your car’s engine. While it’s easy to place the blame of the performance of the battery, don’t overlook the role that spark plugs (in a petrol-powered car), the alternator and, indeed, flow of fuel plays in the process.


5. Your battery has a birthday

Included on all Willard batteries is a unique QR code that allows both customers and retailers to register the item on www.registermybattery.co.za, in order to help assist monitor its warranty period and status. Mandatory in South Africa, the date of manufacture of your car’s battery is also listed on the battery casing. This takes the form of a combination of letters and numbers to signify the month and the year that the item left the production line.  


6. Size matters

While a visit to an accredited battery fitment centre removes any guesswork when it comes to both inspection and the potential replacement of your car’s battery, it’s good practice to ensure that your new item has the same dimensions and specifications as the one heading for the recycle bin. This not only means the battery is once again fitted securely in its position within the engine bay, but also that its rated performance matches what’s required by your car.


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