Handling sales objections

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Learning Outcome:At the end of the module the learner will know howto handle objections better as reflected in the module.


  1. Introduction


Wouldn’t it be great if everyone you contacted jumped at the opportunity to place a large order with you? Nice, but not very realistic.  Resistance, or objections are natural.  They are concerns express by the buyer.  They are either real or a guise to get rid of your or the situation.


The worst objection you can encounter is one that is not voiced.  You have an opportunity to overcome a stated objection, but you can never counter an unstated one.So be glad when a buyer shares a concern.


Some buyers will bring up objections to test you.  If your response is timid or not well stated, your prospect may lose respect for you and decide not to buy.


There are several objections that can rarely be overcome to close the sale during a particular transaction.  The objections include:  your customer is not the decision maker, or there is no money.  The best thing you can do in this situation is to collect appropriate information and get back to the customer later.

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    • Handling sales objections
    • Assessment: Handling sales objections

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