How to charge a battery


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Learning Outcome:After the completion of this section you will be able to change a battery according to the required standards.


  1. Introduction

Never connect more than 3 batteries in series.  3 batteries in series produce a minimal voltage of 30V and above this level severe injury or death may result if a person touches the positive and negative terminals simultaneously.


Remember to only charge re chargeable vented or flooded lead acid type batteries.  Never recharge dry cell batteries, non-rechargeable or defective batteries.  These batteries may burst and cause personal injury and property damage.  If you are uncertain as to the type of battery you are attempting to charge, rather contact the battery supplier.


Also remember to loosen the vent caps and to ensure that you work in a well ventilated area.


Whenever you are charging batteries remember the following:

  • Follow the battery charger manufacturers’ instructions
  • Use a SABS approved battery charger
  • No naked flames or sparks should be cause around batteries.

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    • The steps to charge a battery

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