Midtronics Battery Tester

Course Overview

Learning Outcome:On completion of this sub-section the learner will be able to:


Explain the process of testing a battery as per the set standard, by focusing on the three specific steps involved;

  • List five possible conditions that he/she could identify during a visual inspections that may lead to a claim being rejected;
  • Practically demonstrate the use of a Midtronics tester in accordance with the standard procedure;
  • Interpret the Midtronics Tester’s decisions  according to the displayed results when testing a battery:
  • Briefly list the benefits of conductance testing.
  • Give a short explanation of what is meant by the word conductance.
  • Interpret the various unit standards of measurements used in the battery industry E.g. SAE
  • List and explain the results of the Midtronics battery testers after a battery is tested.
  • Give a brief overview and explanation of the vehicle’s electrical  system starter and charging results


Objective: To resolve starting problems. The battery that will be tested might still be under guarantee or past its guarantee. Determine if the battery is a possible claim by checking the date of sale on the customer’s purchase slip. The battery warranty is valid for a period of 25 months from date of sale. The following corrective steps need to be taken to determine the applicable battery fault.

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