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Good Morning Angels: Saving a young dad’s eyesight

On Wednesday, the Angels came together to help save a young dad’s eyesight after being diagnosed with diabetes. 


BACKGROUND: Mpho, 37, is in the real estate industry. He has a wife and two sons, 13 and 3, who depend on him. He is a committed father and breadwinner of his family. Mpho was diagnosed with diabetes some 13 years ago. He has been managing his condition, however, the diabetes has impacted other aspects of his health.

One of these is his eyes. Both Mpho’s eyes are covered with cataracts, his retinas are damaged, and he has bleeding behind his eyes. This can be treated and his eyesight can be saved, but at a cost – which Mpho simply cannot afford. His one eye is especially bad and if intervention is delayed, he will lose the eye.


Mpho’s eye doctor is committed to helping this young dad and has offered to do the necessary procedures pro-bono – however, despite this generous offer, the cost per eye is still R110,000 away from happening. That’s why Mpho’s doctor approached Good Morning Angels for assistance.




REQUEST FROM: Operation Healing Hands doctor Gerhard Kok


ANGEL 1: Dave Arnold from Willard Batteries


SPONSORING: Auto-X will assist Mpho with R55,000 towards the operation to save his eye!


ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC


SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will match this donation of R55,000 to make up the balance to ensure that Mpho’s eye-saving operation becomes a reality!




Dear Good Morning Angels,

Mr Mpho Gift Serage is a 37-year-old who was in the real estate industry and is financially responsible for his family (His wife and two sons aged 13 and 3). He has type 2 diabetes for the past 13 years. In the long-term, diabetes affects organs in a person which includes their eyes. Currently he has cataracts in both eyes due to the diabetes, as well as severe damage to both retinas with bleeding in the back of the eye. This means that his sight is dramatically impaired, to such an extent that he cannot read, work, drive a car, etc. If he does not undergo the operation to remove the cataracts and stabilise the retinas in both eyes, he runs the risk of becoming permanently blind, due to the diabetes. His one eye is particularly critical and intervention cannot be delayed.


I have attached a breakdown of the cost.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me, should you need any more information.



Operation Healing Hands.