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How to Tell If Your Car’s Battery Is Struggling

By the Law of Murphy, the moment that your otherwise trusty motor vehicle decides not to start in the morning will coincide with the date in your diary marked, “important.” While timely scheduled visits to your nearest certified Willard battery fitment centre can help ensure you’re never left in the lurch, let’s look at a few of the obvious warning signs that your car’s battery is taking strain.

1. Slow start

While it’s generally accepted that your car’s engine can take a little longer to fire to life in colder months, the more time you spend with your vehicle, the more familiar you’ll inevitably become with its intricacies, including whether the time it takes for the engine to awaken each morning is potentially labouring. A series of these longer-than-usual start moments is a sure sign that your car’s battery isn’t performing optimally.


2. Dimming headlamps

A veritable cry for help from your car’s battery shows itself via the dimming of the headlamps. One of the many functions of a car’s battery is to provide energy to the head- and tail lamp units. As the battery’s energy reserves dwindle or struggle to sufficiently recharge over the course of a drive, one of the least energy-reliant components is these lights. When they start to dim, things are looking grim.


3. Grime wars

While general maintenance checks like engine oil and coolant levels can be monitored by friendly petrol station forecourt attendants, a timely visit to your nearest Willard battery fitment centre can preempt any potential faults or shortcomings in terms of your car battery’s performance. The presence, for example, of a white, crystal-like substance covering the battery’s terminals should be addressed quickly.


4. Age appropriate

One of the advantages of registering your car’s new battery is that it offers an easily accessible digital record of the age of your battery and assists with tracking the warranty of your battery. Via this innovative online platform, Willard can provide timely notifications about forthcoming promotions and special offers, considering the age and mileage of your registered battery.