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Top Five Meals To Enjoy On Your December Road Trip

As we near the time of year when many South Africans embark on holiday adventures across our nation, there’s much to look forward to, including the joy of road trip meals.

Whether you plan to stop at your usual padstal on the way to your destination, we’d like to suggest five delectable alternatives for road trip meals.

1. Have Your Desserts First With A Koeksister!


The literal stuff South African dreams are made of, koeksisters are always a must-have treat. These twisted pastries boast a golden, crispy exterior that gives way to a soft and fluffy interior, creating a textural symphony that leaves you craving “more.”


Every corner of our country has its distinct method of creating these divine treats. Whether ordering one in Cape Town’s Bo-Kaap district or picking one up at Milly’s in Machadodorp, they are all delicious!


In every sticky, sweet bite, travelers can taste the warmth of community, the richness of tradition, and the sheer joy of savoring a piece of South African heritage.


While they can be sticky and difficult to handle, we’d honestly say it’s worth it, and arguably, it’s not a meal, but go ahead! Treat yourself!


2. Bunny Chow On The Go


For a convenient and hearty road trip meal, there’s nothing better than digging into a massive bunny chow. The bunny chow’s culinary roots are deeply embedded in the Indian community of Durban.


A bunny chow is a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with curry. Usually, the curry is pre-cooked and can be chicken, lamb, or vegetable. Expect to be greeted with a medley of aromatic spices when you get a bunny chow for your road trip.


A hollowed-out loaf of fresh bread creates the bowl for your bunny chow. When choosing your bunny chow, ensure the loaf of bread is thick and robust, as it will allow the curry to soak into it.


Make sure your bunny chow is securely wrapped in foil or wax paper. Now, you’ve got a portable meal that’s easy to handle while driving.


The combination of the soft bread soaking up the rich curry creates a culinary experience that’s both convenient and delicious – a perfect road trip meal!


3. Boerewors Roll Bliss


Could you imagine this list without mentioning the boerewors roll?


The boerewors roll is the go-to option for a quick and tasty South African road trip snack. Uncomplicated, it is a meal that is always mouthwatering and delicious; just a quickly grilled boerewors nestled in a fresh bun. It’s up to you what condiments to add.


And with nearly every padstal in the country offering unique boerewors sauce, you could have a different boerewors roll at every stop.


The beauty of the boerewors roll also lies in its simplicity, which means you can just pull off the road, set up the gas braai, and cook up a few.


We’re surprised no one has done the South African braai sauce tour yet… Anyway! Always have a refreshing drink for the perfect road trip snack to fuel your journey.


4. Bobotie Bites for Cultural Fusion


No South African meal embodies the melting pot of diversity more than bobotie. It is a delicious testament to our country’s rich culinary heritage.


The bobotie originates from the Cape Malay community.


For those unaware, it is a spiced, baked, minced meat dish topped with an egg-based custard. To make it road trip-friendly, you can transform it into bite-sized portions! Thus, bobotie bites!


Prepare the spiced meat mixture – a blend of ground beef or lamb with curry powder, raisins, and chutney – and bake it in a muffin tin. Once cooked, top each mini bobotie with a spoonful of the creamy egg custard. These bite-sized bobotie treats are convenient for on-the-go munching and showcase the diverse flavors that define South African cuisine.


Pack your bobotie bites in a container and enjoy them with chutney during road trip stops.


The sweet and savory combination and aromatic spices make bobotie a delightful South African road trip snack that pays homage to the country’s multicultural heritage.


5. Safari Picnic with Vetkoek and Mince


While many South Africans will be heading to the coast, some will be venturing inland to take in the majestic beauty of our wildlife and stunning natural landscapes. For these travelers, nothing is better than finding a scenic spot and setting up a safari-inspired picnic with vetkoek and mince.


If you’re not fluent in Afrikaans, vetkoek means “fat cake.” The vetkoek is a deep-fried dough bread that can be enjoyed sweet or savory. If you expect to see the big five, we’d suggest the savory option with a generous serving of spiced minced meat.


The combination of the golden, crispy vetkoek and the savory mince is bound to create the perfect meal when you enjoy your safari-inspired picnic.


There are Countless South African Road Trip Meals To Enjoy – Just Be Prepared!


No South African road trip is complete without experiencing a culinary journey!


Whether it is the sizzle of the braai or digging into a bunny chow, we’re blessed with countless road trip meals.


But before following your nose and stomach, make sure to test your car’s battery.


And after that’s done, pack your bags, hit the open road, and let the diverse flavors of South Africa be your guide. Your taste buds will thank you for the adventure.