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Willard Presents: Things To Check Before and After a Road Trip

As a large majority of the country’s workforce has finally set their ‘Out Of Office’, switched off their laptops, and gone on leave after enduring one of the most unpredictable years, it is time to welcome some much needed relaxation and time to spend with loved ones.

With most local travel destinations open and ready for business, you don’t have to venture too far to explore some of our very own must-see destinations. But, before you put your bags in the boot and turn on the ignition, there are a couple of things to ensure that you have a safe trip, free from any unexpected mechanical issues.

Road Trip Checks

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of all the necessary checks you should make:

  • Check your engine oil:
    It is important to check your engine oil levels, keeping in mind that a long trip does give your vehicle extra stress.
  • Check the fluids of your vehicle:
    Making sure that all of the various fluids in your car are topped up, including the coolant, windscreen wash and brake fluid, is an efficient way to ensure that you avoid unnecessary breakdowns that could lead to possible accidents.
  • Check your tyres and pressure:
    Be sure to check your tyre pressure at your nearest petrol station, or alternatively use a gauge (available from auto stores) to ensure that your journey is as safe as possible. It is also imperative to check your tyre tread, making sure that it is no less than 1.6mm, as worn-out tyres could blow out during extended trips.
  • Check your air filter:
    With a clean and efficient supply of air to the engine, you will substantially improve the performance of your car. Paying attention to the cabin filter is also important to ensure that you can enjoy clean air within the car too.
  • Check if your lights and signals are in working order:
    Ask for assistance when checking these by sitting in the car and testing the vehicle’s lights and signals. It is also recommended to prepare spare bulbs for your trip, just in case your headlights, indicators, reverse or taillights fail.
  • Check your Willard Battery:
    With many of us not using our cars as much while we have adopted a new ‘Work From Home’ routine, making sure that your car does not struggle to start will provide peace of mind for your journey. If your battery has passed its 25-month battery warranty, check its state of charge and state of health. If for whatever reason you do need a new car battery, don’t forget to register your new battery at https://bit.ly/RegisterMyBattery once purchased.
  • Check your vehicle and roadside emergency equipment:
    Double check that you have all the emergency equipment like your cell phone, spare tyre, jumper cables, warning triangle and emergency tools (like flashlights and screw drivers) before you set off on your journey.

Once these checks are complete, it is safe to say that you are truly prepared to embark on that road trip you’ve been planning for months!

When you have returned from your epic vacation, it is a good idea to:

  • Have your car cleaned inside and outside.
  • Repair any issues which may have arisen during your trip.
  • Take your vehicle for a maintenance service to ensure that your next trip is just as fun and most importantly, safe.