2013>A6 All658AGM
2012>A5 Diesel and 3L Petrol658AGM
2012>A5 2L Petrol652668SSM
2012>Q5 All Diesel and 3L Petrol668658AGM
2012>Q5 2L Petrol668658SMF
2012>A4 All Diesel Models668658AGM
2012>A4 1.8652668SSM
2012>A3 All652668AGM
2011>Q3 All652668AGM
2010>A1 All652AGM
2010>A5 Cabrio668SMF
2010>A5 Coupé668SMF
2010>A5 Sports Back668SMF
2009>Q7 All658AGM
2007>Audi R8 FSI all Models668SMF
2007>Audi TT Roadster all Models646SMF
2007>Audi TT Coupé all Models646SMF
2007>Audi S8 Quattro Tiptronic652SMF
2007>Audi S6 Quattro Tiptronic658SMF
2007>Audi S3 Quattro646SMF
2007>Audi RS4 all Models658SMF
2007>Audi Q7 all Models658SMF
2007>Audi A8 all Models658SMF
2007>Audi A6 all Models658SMF
2007>Audi A4 Cabrio all Models652SMF
2007>Audi A4 all Models652SMF
2007>Audi A3 Sportback all Models652668SMF
2007>Audi A3 all Models652658SMF
2004-All Models Including Diesel646SMF
2004>TT Roadster646651SMF
2000-All Models A4, A6, A8, Quattro’s, Coupé’s and Cabrio’s652652SMF
1997-A3 1.8 and 1.8 Turbo, S3646658SMF
1995-99All Models A4, A6, A8, Quattro’s, Coupé’s and Cabrio’s652661SMF
1981-94All Audi Models 100, 200, 500, 500E, 500SE647661SMF