D710, Turbo A, D6507, DX5207, 6207SMF
DX160, DX160A, D470 Turbo A, D630SMF
DX120, DX120A, DX145, DX145ASMF
6207, 6807, 7207, 720 A, DX90, DX90A685SMF
D6806, D7206SMF
19765006, 8006, 10006, 13006, 6806313 x 2Vented
Models up to and incl. 4006685SMF
555 Air Cooled333 x 2Vented
D5505 (some)650SMF
D8005 and some D5505333 x 2Vented
F3L 12, 40 h.p.333 x 2Vented
Wheeler F4L514680SMF
Crawler F6L514682SMF
F2L-712313 x 2Vented
F-3 M670SMF
F-2 M689SMF
D25S, D30670SMF
F1L-514, F4L-514674SMF
F3L-514/6333 x 2Vented
M1302, F2L-514
M900, M1000, M1102, M1320H309Vented