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Willard Battery Xpress is a leading battery specialist chain known for its expert knowledge and wide range of battery applications. Established in 2016, Willard Battery Xpress has a footprint of over 50 battery shops nationwide, making it conveniently accessible to customers, from Gauteng to Lesotho, and the Western Cape to Namibia.

Customers can enjoy the assurance of a 25-month warranty along with the trusted legacy of the Willard battery brand. So, if you’re a motorist in need of a reliable battery fitment solution, Willard Battery Xpress is the perfect destination to meet your battery needs.

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As a leading battery provider, Willard Battery Xpress centres offer exceptional service as well as a diverse selection of accessories such as testers, chargers, specialised batteries, and even solar products.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, Willard Xpress ensures that you receive the right battery solution and additional accessories to meet your specific needs.

You can get in touch with any of our Willard Battery Xpress stores for battery quotes, mobile battery delivery and fitment as well as for any general enquiries you might have.

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Willard Battery Xpress centres have batteries for the following applications:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Leisure
  • Deep cycle
  • Industrial applications
  • Back-up power solutions