lady standing over the open bonnet of a car

How To Avoid a Flat Car Battery

A flat car battery is always inconvenient and having to deal with it on a cold winter morning makes it feel even more so. Low temperatures slow down the chemical reactions within the battery cells and if your battery is already weakened, it could mean that it will not generate enough current to turn your engine and start your car. The best way to avoid a flat car battery this winter is to ensure regular maintenance to keep it in the best possible condition.

We’ve compiled a list of tips to make sure that all your journeys go according to plan this chilly season and to ensure that you manage to keep your car battery charged this winter:



Extend that road trip

Short trips place strain on a car battery as the alternator is not given enough chance to recharge the battery to its previous state. To allow the battery to fully recharge, be sure to take longer drives whenever you can.



Turn off the bells and whistles

Most new cars contain loads of energy draining technology which drain a car battery very quickly. Be sure to switch off things like heaters, lights, and sounds systems when they are not required, particularly when the vehicle is not running.



Have your car battery checked

You can personally check for corrosion on your battery here, but it is important to have a professional battery centre test your battery and battery-related systems annually. Be sure that you have the correct battery for your specific vehicle, and that any previous owners had also maintained it properly.



Maintain your car correctly

Have your car serviced according to your service schedule. Well maintained cars place less strain on their batteries.



Keep your car sheltered

Where possible, park your car indoors or under a car cover. If you need to park outside, try do so in a sheltered area. This is because ambient temperatures can cause your car battery to fail if they drop too low.



Know the warning signs

If you hear clicks when you turn the ignition, or your lights dim when you idle and brighten when you accelerate, or your engine turns slowly, have your battery checked.



Have emergency kit on hand

In an emergency, you might need to jump start the car. Always keep jumper cables or a battery booster in your car to avoid being completely stuck. You can learn how to correctly use jumper cables to kickstart your car battery here.


Remember, if you are experiencing any warning signs that your battery may be reaching the end of its lifespan, you can find a Willard car battery stockist near you here. They will be able to assist you with a suitable replacement and provide you with the respective car battery price. Don’t forget to register your Willard Battery here.