a man holding an iPad with the register my battery website on it

Why it’s important to register your car’s battery

From a plethora of electronic device chargers to a child’s favourite cuddly toy, the list of forget-me-not items to be considered before leaving home for your end-of-year family holiday destination can prove daunting. Including a timely service of your vehicle, here’s why you should consider registering your new Willard car battery.

Just like the often-mocked South African adage that the box is your guarantee, as a consumer, your power lies in the ability to accurately trace the purchase of an item back to an exact date and time. Whether for reasons of dissatisfaction, unreliability or a simple decision change, the process of returning, exchanging or, indeed, upgrading store-bought goods is made that much simpler once the supplier can trace the history of the item in question.


Often quickly forgotten once installed within your vehicle, while the registration of your car’s new battery can assist in the unlikely event of a failure under the manufacturer’s warranty, the additional benefit of this national registry is that it is easily accessed when purchasing your new Willard car battery. This offers those hitting the open road the peace-of-mind of knowing that any Willard battery fitment centre or dealer  can quickly look up the corresponding details linked with your car’s battery. This includes for example the date of manufacture, battery brand, model number and date of purchase.


This information is also particularly pertinent when it comes to the 25-month warranty offered on all Willard batteries.


With a corresponding customer’s details recorded, the retailer or consumer can check if their battery is still under warranty or the age of their battery, simplifying the process. With consent, this also allows Willard Batteries to make subsequent contact ahead of timely promotional offers.


A service offered by most approved dealers and battery fitment centres; the registration of your new car’s battery is made simple via the placement of a scannable QR code visible on the upper casing of each battery. This code takes customers to a home screen where the completion of essential contact details can be carried out. On submission of this form, the corresponding details of the battery in question, as well as its purchase date are linked within the database.


In cases where a QR code isn’t visible, the landing page on www.registermybattery.co.za allows for the input of the battery’s serial number. Again, the friendly folk on-hand at your preferred approved dealer or fitment centre will be happy to assist with the location of this number.


With your holiday destination locked into your navigation system, while there’s no guaranteeing you won’t eventually be couriering your child’s forgotten teddy bear to your home away from home, with your car’s battery details securely registered, there’s at least one less thing to worry about.


See this short video on how to register your battery.